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Freddie ‘Frenchy’ Freeman

Frenchy died July 28, 2009. For the past 20 years or so he had lived on San Quentin State Prison’s Death Row. He was small in stature, big in heart. He was  quick in wit and his eyes twinkled when amused.
Although I’ve known him since he first arrived at San Quentin, I don’t know how old he was when he died.  Frenchy always seemed old and frail to me. He was a heavy smoker so it’s hard to tell just how old he really was. But I expect he was somewhere in his mid to late 70’s. I don’t think he ever weighed more than 125 lbs. the whole time I’ve known him. 
Frenchy was an amazing pen and ink artist. He could draw anything he set his mind to. In his younger days he was a champion chess player and made a name for himself as a Golden Gloves Boxer. He was a ‘straight shooter’ in that he had rightly earned the reputation for being honest in his dealing and true to his word. Frenchy was gentle and generous in spirit and never mean. He was quick to praise those who were trying their best. He was just as quick to correct someone when they were doing less than their best.
Although you wouldn’t have know it by looking at his grizzles face and toothless smile, Frenchy had a beautiful daughter and a gorgeous wife. He was a good man who apparently got caught up in the life’s events. Frenchy definitely lives a full life, both in prison and out in the world. He will be sorely missed and mourned by those who had the honor, privilege and joy to know him intimately.

Dear Dean,
first don't let you bounce back, as we say in Germany Lass Dich nicht unterkriegen!
I'm an opponent of the death penalty. The German justice system works on the base of rehabilitation, in some cases it seems to soft. The German public opinion dont understand, how a rapist or child murderer could set free after the end of his term of imprisonment. Some people call for the death penalty, but they dont understand this system.The verdict livelong means in Germany to be sentenced to 15 years hard times.And German prison are not really hard. The prisoners life in two men cells with television and internet.
I'm continually shocked about the way the government of the United States is so arrogant to decide about life or death.The United States are the only democratic country, that do this and the democratic world cries about every case of death penalty.But the United States are the last world power and so your government dont have to listen on his allies.
Even Turkey decided to eliminate the death penalty to become a member of the European Union.
And fact is, crime rate is there lower, where the death penalty is forbidden. The determent of a livelong term of imprisonment is much higher than the determent of the death penalty.I hope really, that your country recognize this very quick. The death penalty contravene against the human rights of every democratic country. 
I wish you well. 
Best Regards - Mit freundlichen Grüßen

i prefer to remain anonymous, just as you prefer to keep your personal business out of this column.
i was in several prisons in CA for approx 7 1/2 years, i also did a violation  and was sent to atascadero under a *2962 issue. the violation situation i treat in a way that you mention about your own case with the DP. as far as Quinten goes i was just on a bus passing through. just like in the movies i guess. anyway what i wanted to mention was **felons can vote in CA once they have completed parole also incarcerated civil comitted inmates can also vote. i voted in this election for obama. going through the system has given me a new appreiacion for life and how any system functions. ***i had a K number i gave back to them. i try to help people now with out being on a high horse. i go to college, and i am in a mentor program for the school to help 1st semester at risk students. i also work in the sheet metal shop at school as a teachers aide . in the sheet metal class most of the class are people fresh out. i remember what it was like when i was in that situation and i help them through their fears. i give them the information no one tells you about. i have helped several of these guys get scholarships. i want you and others to know that there is a percentage  though very rare, that are turning their lives into a life worth living. know that i am sharing the messages people cant seem to get out of those walls. in my debate class one was about the need to provide access to a college education to all incarcerated individuals. i found your web page through an assignment for my English class. i am doing half assed research on the death penalty. officially i am probably undecided but closer to against it. i like my thoughts against it but some issues for it do make sense. i am grateful there are at least some, that do have more advance understanding. i do have a question for you though, and i apologize for having a jacked up stance, but regardless of what happens personally in your case or others in prison or on death row. if there was something short for me to take out of this contact to eventually share with the life i have towards others what would that be... what would your hope be for someone like me after reading your columns? i don't know what your religious thoughts are and i usually stay out of those discussions for sake of arguments, but for me i do feel like things happen for a reason even if it sucks for me . sometimes the bigger picture is bigger than myself. for me being in prison and the fucked up experiences i got myself into was the best turning point in my life .  i'm sure i had a different idea in mind of how this letter was going to go , but this is the way it went. if i pissed you off im sorry. i say what i think too much. at least you got a letter at mail call and some new thoughts to think about even if they were not good thoughts. as you can tell i need to take an english class , so i should get back to my essay. i already know my eng professor is for the DP so im on an up hill battle with my paper. in case you are courious the main points im going with so far are , cost, cruel and unusual, eye for an eye,  not a deterrant, and most importantly the innocent ones. supreme court comments feel more realistic to me. well the 2 against it did that i read. im going for now.
some random dude

* Penal Code 2962 is regarding treatment as a condition of parole
**  I wasn't sure about ex felons in California being able to vote. In most states ex felons are not allowed to vote.
*** A 'K' number is the letter in from of the 5 numbers that comprise your prison number. You keep this number forever or until you are out of prison and off parole. That is what he means by giving the number back to them. He completed his sentence.

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